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LED Track/ Digital Lamp can receive and recognize signal from computer. Consisting of 16 pcs of Track Lamp, a simulative LEDs screen can be created. The 'LED Screen' is with 16 x 16 = 256 pixels (each tube contains 16 pixels), and can produce 7 colors: Red, yellow, blue, green, white, cyan and purple. This 'screen' is controlled by specified software, any letter (character) or picture can be displayed.

Using signal translator, the R5232 signal is translated to R5485, using a power supply unit for each 8 pieces of LED Track Lamp and is connected one by one.

It is a one-meter tube that offers full-color fading, chasing and many other lighting effects.


  • One meter tube offers different color effects
  • It shows letters and pictures
  • Dust, water and lighting proof
  • LED Track/ Digital Lamp are permanent IP65 rated for indoor/outdoor use
  • Easy mounting system
  • Long-life, low power consumption, low heat, low maintenance and bright output
  • 16 pcs tubes as minimum number of tube in set
  • DC12V/ AC120V/ AC240V input

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